A seed for Tomorrow

Iran is a country with a great diversity of coverage. Different Iranian tribes have preserved their clothes for thousands of yearsPersepolis (518 BC) is an important example of the importance of clothing design in the social status of people.This historical age and this cultural diversity is a source of great inspiration for Iranian fashion designers.

Identity       Creativity        Design

CIPAL is a private fashion festival in Iran Its main purpose is to identify and introduce creative fashion designers.This festival displays the works of designers with three main axes “identity, creativity, design”.

Our Story

  • We are a cultural and fashion institute in Iran and we work on the impact of culture on fashion. There are various subcultures in Iran and the works of fashion designers are very diverse and each has its own story. We decided to introduce creative designers and be effective in developing their business by holding the only private fashion festival (CIPAL Festival) in Iran.Creating opportunities, entrepreneurship and development are our important goals.During the three years of the CIPAL Fashion Festival, 2,000 designers participated in the festival. More than 11,000 works reached the CIPAL Festival. We offer several training courses for small fashion businesses. More than 95% of our participants are women.

Our Vision:

Promoting creativity in fashion and optimizing fashion consumption (sustainable fashion)

Our mission:

To introduce creative designers and create economic stability in their business.

Soheila Jabri (Chia)

  • owner of CHIAMODE Fashion Institute
  • owner of Cipla Festival
  • Born in 1964
  • Started activity in 1989
  • Director of CHIAMODE Institute
  • Researcher of Iranian ethnic costumes
  • dress designer
  • Holds a degree in craftsmanship from the Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization
  • Member of Iranian Costume Designers Association

Khatoun Shahbazi

  • Director of CHIAMODE Fashion Institute
  • Director of CIPAL Fashion Festival
  • Born in 1981
  • Started activity in 1999
  • Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) Graduate
  • Director of PARKAS Advertising Center
  • Member of Iran Chamber of Commerce
  • Master of Central Council of Entrepreneurship Associations of Iran

The areas for cooperation:

1. Holding a fashion festival with international partners
2. Holding educational workshops with international institutions
3. Cooperation with startups and international fashion accelerators
4. Development of small fashion businesses
5. Promoting sustainable fashion and introducing its creative designers
6. Holding exhibitions and artistic and commercial fashion events
7. Selling products of creative fashion designers


Clothing Designers


Jewelry Designers

Accessory Designers

Bag & Shoe Designers